Episode: Choose Your Story – How To Publish Your Tale Conveniently

Episode: Choose Your Story – How To Publish Your Tale Conveniently

Episode: Choose Your Story – How To Publish Your Tale Conveniently

Episode: Choose Your Story is a storyteller genre game, in which users can read different sorts of stories.  It also allows the gamers to fabricate as well as publish their own imaginative story on the game app.  Also, to make the game more exciting, the developers have added gems and passes, which support the players to skip the waiting timer.  There is no need to worry about earning the resources.  You can easily earn these resources in the particular time gap. So, all you need to do is waiting and have patience until you refill the number of gems and passes.

Additionally, some potential gamers love farming games; some like action games and other enjoy luck genre based games. But if users have a potential storyteller at home, then Episode: Choose Your Story game might be the appropriate option for them.  It will keep them engaged for a long period of time.  In fact, according to the recent survey, many people opine that it is a very addictive game.  As we know, it offers infinite story-lines, the endless decisions, the heartbreaks and different sorts of character designing.  If you haven’t heard of this game yet, then check it out now and enjoy the game in the spare time.

Things To Consider While Publishing The Story

As we know, with the enhancing fame of the Episode: Choose Your Story game leads the gamers to face lots of complications while publishing the story. But if you want to overcome them conveniently, then read the listed below guidelines.

  • Normally, the game should be at least 13-years-old. Otherwise, you need patents confirmation regarding the publication of the story.
  • The users will not able to launch your tale without having permission.
  • All the chapters must be error free and make sure to follow the Episode: Choose Your Story game Content Guidelines.
  • Published stories are readable and users can access them in the trending section.
  • In order to locate the best stories easily, the developers rate the stories of the players. This method also supports the gamers to get encouraged to make more creative tales.
  • Try to make creative, suspenseful stories to lure tons of readers and make them say “Wonderful” in the first episode and neglect to put it down.
  • Note, have a fine grammar and rectify the spelling error before launching the episodes.

Final Statement

Episode: Choose Your Story has earned an enormous amount of reputation among potential people.  It also attracted millions of users in the recent past.  So, join the game platform to experience something exciting and unique by creating and publishing your own creative story.  However, if you are still unable to release your tale easily, then read the above-mentioned stuff to gain success in the perfect manner. On the whole, don’t miss the golden opportunity and download the Episode: Choose Your Story game now in order to become famous for your magnificent story.

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  1. Lamu

    I love this app sooo much. And i don’t like to wait for the passes. And wait for gems it takes to long. And i can’t stay away from my favorite application for so long.

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