Episode: Choose Your Story – Currency Guide For Beginners

Episode: Choose Your Story – Currency Guide For Beginners

Episode: Choose Your Story – Currency Guide For Beginners

Episode: Choose Your Story is an innovative game, which is published by the Episode Interactive.  It is free to play and available for both iOS as well as Android platform.  To be more exact, users can conveniently download the game app from both Google App Store and Android App Store.  This game is for those potential gamers who have a curiosity in fabricating creative and innovative stories.  So, this game allows the players to make a story-line, build their avatars with the support of the in-game resources.  It also permits to share their story with a society of readers.



In the present time, the Episode: Choose Your Story has been pronged into imaginative story-lines for popular TV series.  For instance, chapters of Pretty Little Liars, in which users have to guide the character and make a decision on behalf of it.  The decisions, which gamers take in the game, will have a direct impact on the plot of the storyline.  So, make sure to make a wise choice rather than reckless one.  There is never a boring moment with this virtual game.  It can be enjoyed on both tablets and Smartphone as well.

Why are gems and passes essential for survival?

As with any virtual worlds, to carry on playing the Episode: Choose Your Story game, users will need to attain resources.  You may know that in-game currencies are used in the form of fuel boost or to breed and mature crops.  On the flip side, in Episode: Choose Your Story game, players need to acquire gems and passes to play without worry about anything.  Gems and passes are the sole keys, which support the users to walk on the uncharted path of the game.

Basically, the gems are generated daily, so you will not face any sorts of complications regarding this resource.  All you need to have the patience and the enthusiasm to wait for a day to attain the resources with ease.  Admittedly, this is one of the basic methods, which help the gamers to earn in-game currencies without facing any sorts of hassles.  Give your best shot and try harder to gain success in Episode: Choose Your Story game in order to fabricate an awesome and imaginative story.

Final Statement

As mentioned earlier, the gems and passes will produce daily and you can easily attain them without making any efforts.  However, there is some player who doesn’t want to wait and having the desire to earn resources in enormous amount. For this, the game allows the users to spend the real money to gain a huge amount of gems and passes to overcome the hurdles with ease.  Make sure to utilize it appropriately as well as wisely.  Otherwise, reckless gaming will lure too many complications that will lead the user towards failure.

On the whole, if you are playing the Episode: Choose Your Story game for the first time and don’t have any knowledge about in-game resources.  Read the above-mentioned information and gain success conveniently.

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