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Episode Hack 2018 – Passes and Gems Cheats

Episode: Choose Your Story is an interactive story-telling platform where you can enjoy reading and playing various stories. Each story is divided into numerous episodes. The first look of the game will make you feel as if you are watching content on Netflix. There are innumerable genres of stories in the game, which range from murder, romance, mystery, adventure, as well as adult themes to complete and play all of them you may definitely need the help of our Episode Hack 2018.

Episode Hack 2018

Yes, the game contains adult content, in spite of the game developers mentioning that the game is rated for adolescents aged 13 and above. You will come across several instances that are not appropriate for 13 year old girls or boys. Eventually, the game developers have added warnings on stories that contain mature themes and strong language. Such stories should be avoided by kids who are aged less than 18 years.

Playing Episode:

Playing the game is simple! You need to select a story that looks interesting. Start reading and watching an episode of the story. Keep tapping to go forward with the story. Gradually, you will come across some choices that you need to make for progressing in the story.

Select a choice that you find to be appropriate as the entire course of the story would depend on your choice. The first few episodes of the story will be available for free of cost. However, to watch and read the rest of the episodes, you need to purchase them with Passes, which is the in-game currency and it can be generated with our Episode Hack.

Moreover, most of the choices that you make will require in-game currencies. For instance, if the gaming character wants to kiss her girlfriend or buy new outfit for first day of college, then he/she will have to spend plenty of Gems. If you do not spend in-game currency, you will have to go to college shabbily dressed, which would lead to social shaming. Earning plenty of Gems is not easy, so most players spend real money to pick the right choices for their gaming character. However other choose an easier way such as Episode Cheats 2018.

Kind Of Content:

The content that you will come across in each episode is quite interesting. It is in the form of short dialogues format, which is similar to chatting apps such as Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. This feature of the game makes it connect easily with the young generation as they are spending most of their time in reading and writing similar style of messages. As the Episode game can be played by youngsters too; it is gaining immense popularity among the smartphone users and present generation.

Moreover, to attract the young adults and teens, the content in most of the episodes is designed in such a manner that they highlight their present lifestyle and issues. The visuals of the stories are fashionable and trendy. There is an Episode Writing Portal where you can create and publish stories for other players to read. With this feature, the gaming developers want to promote player participation. Imagine, you are writing and publishing a story, which is gaining immense popularity on the online world! Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Creating Stories:

You need to begin by creating an online account. Once you login, you will have access to an amazing content creation online tool. Using the tool may look difficult in the beginning, but as you keep progressing you will be able to write your story effortlessly. The tool has HTML and Java script based editor, which will let you add characters and animations swiftly. Ensure that you understand the tool well and create an amazing story as you can even be rewarded for the same.

Earning Through Stories:

Stories that are gaining immense popularity are picked by the gaming developers and added to the trending section as well as featured section. There are many stories that reach the featured section. Also, to encourage writers, the gaming developers have launched a payments option.

All those stories that are able to drive large volume of players to their content will be monetarily rewarded. So, you can actually earn money by publishing stories on Episodes. The payouts will be calculated on the popularity of each story. In short, the more people read your story, the better you earn! You will be paid on a monthly basis so start writing right away!

In-Game Currencies:




If you want to unlock certain choices in an episode then you need to earn Gems in the game. Gems are primary currency that is even required for buying accessories for your gaming character. To earn Gems, you need to work hard in the game or buy them with real money. Another option is to make use Episode Hack Choose Your Story Cheats for acquiring unlimited amount of Gems instantly.


You have to earn Passes in the game so that you can unlock new episodes. Some episodes need to be purchased with Passes, so earning them is vital in the game. Most of the gamers buy Passes with real money or use our Episode Hack to acquire them in huge amounts. An interesting feature of the game is that while you are waiting for a pass to unlock the next episode, you can start reading an episode of a brand new story. In this way, the player can read multiple stories at the same time.

Featured Stories:

You need to promote your story well to make it reach at the featured section. Promotion can be done through social media networks, direct emails, etc. If your stories are free of errors, have gripping content, cool graphics, and scope of development then it can get featured by the gaming developers. All stories that are accessible in the featured and trending section of the game attract plenty of visitors.

Your game will get popular in no time by reaching the featured category. So, try to create an amazing story, which gains lots of popularity in the online world. You can check out the present featured stories to get an idea on what type of tales are trending. Some of these stories are; Mean Girls, Path to Fame, Pretty Little Liars, etc.

Listed Below Are Some Interesting Features That Make Episode Game Popular:

  • You can interact and view other player’s stories.
  • If you have the knack of writing then you can publish your stories in the app or just enjoy the existing stories by reading and watching them.
  • Most of the stories are interactive and makes young learners think.
  • You can show your creativity and wisdom by selecting the right choices in each episode. Your story will completely depend on the choices that you make.
  • Different genres of stories will let the player select the stories that they prefer reading.
  • You can subscribe for the gaming social media accounts to receive important notices about new episodes that have been posted, featured stories, updated episodes, trending stories, and much more. You can even share your favorite pictures or thoughts on a particular story on social media.
  • It is an innovative and engrossing game, which is free to download. The game can be enjoyed on both smartphones as well as tablets. Different platforms and massive player-base have added to the gigantic popularity of Episode: Choose Your Story game.
  • This game has a working Episode Hack which will make your game even more entertaining.
  • Each gaming character in various stories is portrayed in a professional manner, which is admired by players.
  • The game has acquired recognition across the world due to its unique concept and more than 75,000 stories. Navigating through each episode of the story is extremely easy. You just need to tap to reach the next part of the episode; so, a novice can enjoy the game thoroughly.


To conclude, Episode game will let you live a lifestyle that you have always dreamed off. You can enjoy the game by playing various characters of existing stories or create your own story and let other players enjoy it. There is so much to do in the game that no one will ever get bored of it! A word of caution here is to start playing this game and using Episode hack 2018 only if you have lots of free time in hand as you are sure to get addicted to it. Have fun!



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