Episode: Choose Your Story – Tips And Tricks To Eradicate Obstacles

Episode: Choose Your Story – Tips And Tricks To Eradicate Obstacles

Episode: Choose Your Story – Tips And Tricks To Eradicate Obstacles

Episode: Choose Your Story is one of the top trending story-teller games available in the virtual market.  It offers vivid graphics, innovative and exciting features and much more interesting stuff to enjoy in the spare time.  It is published by the Episode interactive for both iOS as well as Android devices.  Users can easily download the game app from their on-device app store i.e. Google and Apple app store.  In this game, basically, gamers have to read, build and manage a variety of tales to earn reputation from all over the world.  Give your best shot and reach next level by completing various stories.

Episode: Choose Your Story has one of the most energetic and interactive spectators, which provide an instant feedback once your tale has been published.  It also allows the users to share images from the game to your social media accounts thus attractive even more audiences. If the user’s episode is appealing, then gamers can be confident to gather a truthful following of readers.  In addition, the Episode: Choose Your Story offer players an opportunity to play with their tale-telling talents.  Also, let them realize what works as well as what does not work among their readers. But still some gamers are unable to understand it correctly, so read the given below tips and tricks to success with ease.

  • First of all, obtain a huge amount of gems and passes in order to unwind the mysteries of the game easily. These resources support the game to skip the time and read the stories without any hassles.
  • If you are thinking of publishing a story, then you need to consider some points. For instance, firstly, you tale must be minimum three chapters long. Secondly, try to fabricate 400 lines of dialogues in the episode to bring out.
  • Always make sure to overcome the objectionable contents in order to publish the story without any sorts of complications. Try not to promote any kind of suicide, adult material, or drug abuse.
  • The Episode: Choose Your Story game also allows the players to spend the real money to enhance the number of resources with ease. However, it is advisable that to avoid the utilization of hard earned cash and follow the basic mechanism to gain success or just use our newest Episode Choose Your Story cheats.
  • There is no need to worry about the right of your story. The game will not sell or hire the new writer to rewrite your story in the perfect manner without your permission.
  • Log in to the Episode: Choose Your Story game app regularly and attain in-game resources in the form of rewards or free gifts.

Final Verdicts

As we know, the developers of the game are adding numerous latest features, which make the game environment unstable. So, if you are playing the game for the first time, then it is better to use the above-mentioned tricks and tips.  These are one of the best methods, which support the gamers to attain victory with ease.  Use them and enjoy easily!


3 thoughts on “Episode: Choose Your Story – Tips And Tricks To Eradicate Obstacles

  1. Angelina

    I like this very much.
    Like i had to wait all the time to play and now I don’t and that’s only thanks to you guys!! Thank you a lot.

  2. Caca

    I loved so much how this page helped me to get more free gems and passes!! Now i can enjoy more the game because i can use them. And 5000 woks for too long, i love it!!

  3. Weny

    It’s wonderful, episode is unique app it’s like comic and video and I’m stress if i dont have pass or gems anymore, make more romance story’ cause i love it. Thankyou

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