Episode: Choose Your Story- Frequently Asked Questions

Episode: Choose Your Story- Frequently Asked Questions

Episode: Choose Your Story – Frequently Asked Questions

The Episode: Choose Your Story is a mobile tale-telling network and platform.  It is a unique game, which is free to play and available for both Android as well as iOS devices.  This is the game for those who are interested in making innovative and exciting stories.  The Episode: Choose Your Story offers vivid graphics, creative stories, and also allows the users to fabricate their own story.  However, there are some gamers who find it hard to understand the gameplay and unable to move forward.  So, some the frequently asked queries and their solutions are listed below.  Read them appropriately and overcome your hassles with ease.

What is the Episode Writer Portal?

An episode writer portal is a place, in which users can fabricate their own stories.  Not only create, but it also allows the gamers to manage and publish the story as well.  It gives a library of hundreds of thousands of backgrounds, avatars, outfits, and straightforward controls.  So, create an interesting and innovative story in order to attain the reputation in the virtual world.

Who Own my Story?

Basically, you will own your story.  The game will not sell the right of your tale to the movies or appoint some new writers to engrave episode for the gamer without the authorization. However, the game will utilize your story as advertisement and other promotional stuff as mentioned in the Terms and Condition.  So, before writing a story make sure to read the rules and regulation of the game to understand it in the perfect manner.

What Can’t Your Story Involve?

Well, if user’s table contains offensive or objectionable content, then Episode: Choose Your Story game will not able to encourage it.  In the game, there are some players of 13-year-old age group. So, try to overcome the unpleasant content from the story in order to attain fame with ease. Read the listed below instruction to understand it appropriately. For instance, Episodes which:

  • Encourage suicide, self-harm, mistreatment, or harassment.
  • Promote too much alcohol, tobacco or another illicit drug habit.
  • Support betting, gambling or casinos.
  • Represents mature themes, including pornographic material, nakedness, or prostitution.
  • Extreme utilize of blasphemy or sexually unambiguous phrases.
  • Publicize for exterior goods or services, together with but not incomplete to website links, reviews, and other promotional foreign languages.
  • Unnecessary endorsement of the allocation of firearms, explosive bombs, and ammo; and excessive encouragement of a political program.

What are stories uninvolved from the game app?

Mainly, the user’s stories are removed because it doesn’t follow the game guidelines. If you are not sure whether the tale tag along with the instructions, then read the above-mentioned objectionable terms and conditions in order to resolve it conveniently.

Final Word

Well, we have covered all the important questions which prove very supportive in the process of understanding the Episode: Choose Your Story game.  Nonetheless, if you are a beginner, then you should only focus on the collection of game currency by using Episode Hack. This is the best and effective way to be the best competitor in the journey of Episode: Choose Your Story game.

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